3 Stunning Koh Phangan Sunsets to Salivate Over

Something for the sunset lovers out there. Here are a few belting Koh Phangan sunsets to salivate over.

Haad Salad sunset

This gorgeous image was taken by someone who had just arrived on Koh Phangan and had been looking around for somewhere to stay. They settled on Haad Salad on the west coast and were very glad they did when this sunset unfolded whilst they watched from their bungalow. That’s how to get a trip off on the right foot! It’s a great beach by day too, very calm and tranquil.. perfect for some hammock time.

Haad Rin sunset

This one was taken from Haad Rin Nai, the sunset beach on the southern peninsula of Koh Phangan. It cuts a far more serene picture than the kind of sights you’d see on the night of a full moon party.. What better way to calm your banging head the night after a good session! I love the silhouette of the boat, very symbolic of Koh Phangan and the Thai islands in general.

Haad Yao (Long Beach) sunset

Yet another cracking sunset on Haad Yao. The beach itself is one of the most popular on the island, in part due to its westerly and therefore sunset-facing orientation. This means you can relax on the sand and watch scenes like this unfold.. night after night. The location of Haad Yao is fairly central in terms of getting up and down the island, so it makes a great base.

So there you have it.. just 3 of an endless supply of killer light-shows from Koh Phangan, where sunsets are like the icing on the cake.. day after day. The beaches are a perfect place to witness the sunsets and luckily there are a plentiful supply to choose from.


  1. All three are amazing sunsets, but I think the Haad Salad sunset is my favourite. You also get some excellent sunrises on Koh Phangan as well (hint for future post).

  2. That’s my favourite of the three too, it’s a great picture. You’re right, I can remember seeing a few nice sunrises from Haad Sadet so I’ll add a post in future (thanks for the idea).

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