Koh Phangan Diving

With the diving mecca of Koh Tao just a few kilometers north-west of Koh Phangan, you can be sure that there are plenty of good dive sites in this neck of the woods. Sail Rock, which is perhaps the best diving site in the Gulf of Thailand, is located close to Koh Phangan so you know that abundant coral and large marine life is within arms reach.

Those who come to Koh Phangan are really here for it’s laid back culture and charm so keen divers may choose to stay here for those reasons and then head on out to the dive sites nearer Koh Tao on fun dive trips and the like. It’s really a no-brainer if you’re into Koh Phangan as the dive boats can get you there fairly quickly these days.

The main sites that people will visit when diving in Koh Phangan are as follows.

Koh Phangan Diving

Sail Rock
image by flickr.com/photos/octal

1. Sail Rock

The large pinnacle of Sail Rock sticks out 15m above sea level and lies approximately 15km north of Koh Phangan (half way to Koh Tao).

This dive site is famous for being a potential hot spot for seeing whale sharks and there are a large amount of big fish to be seen here as well as an array of corals at depths ranging from 10m to 30m. Sail Rock also has a large, vertical swim-through called ‘The Chimney’ which can be accessed at various depths. Sail Rock is suited towards intermediate and advanced divers.

Chumphon Pinnacle
image by flickr.com/photos/davespencer

2. Chumphon Pinnacle

Another popular dive site that’s reachable from Koh Phangan is Chumphon Pinnacle, located 15km west of Koh Tao.

There are four interconnected pinnacles that make up the site and it is frequented by large trevally, tuna and big grey reef sharks.

As with Sail Rock, whale sharks are also known to visit Chumphon Pinnacle and the local dive operators on Koh Phangan will be able to advise when the most likely times to see them are.

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