Haad Salad Beach – Koh Phangan Bay That’s Made For Hammocks

Haad Salad beach

Haad Salad beach, Koh Phangan

A little bit further up the road from nearby Haad Yao is this little treat of a cove. Haad Salad beach (also known as Pirates Beach) feels a world away from the southern part of Koh Phangan and it’s well worth parking up here for a week or so and kicking off your flip-flops.

In terms of location it’s got it all going on as it’s within striking distance of the main town as well as being close to lots of other fantastic beaches in the west and north of the island. Get here and get those feet rested up for as long as possible!

haad salad beach

Beautiful Haad Salad sunset

As Haad Salad is on the west coast of Koh Phangan you will have the luxury of seeing the sunset on the horizon. It’s a gorgeous spot and if you’re into sunsets then this is a beach you should definitely consider staying on.

It’s quieter and more sedate here than on many of the upscale beaches such as Haad Rin or Ban Tai. For that reason the beach is popular with couples as well as backpackers and holidaymakers looking for a quieter place to stay.

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Some major developments happened here back in 2007 and you can find plenty of resorts here now rather than just the few bamboo huts that used to line the beach. It still has its charm though and is without a doubt one of the most picturesque beaches on Koh Phangan.

Check out the panoramic picture of the beach below and you’ll understand why this beach is a real favourite among repeat visitors.

Haad Salad beach panorama

Haad Salad Panoramic View image credit: flickr/ingodibella

How to get to Haad Salad beach

how to get to haad salad beachIt’s easy enough to get here by motorbike or songthaew from most places on the island as the roads leading there are generally good.

If coming from Haad Rin then take the main road to the main town of Thong Sala and then follow the more main of the western roads that are available from there. The turning for Haad Salad is between the beaches of Haad Yao and Mae Haad. As ever on Koh Phangan, some additional care will be required if travelling by motorbike once you leave the main road and take the more minor road down to the beach itself.

Journey time from Thong Sala is about 25 minutes.

Where to stay

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TIP: Head to Haad Salad beach during February and March for the best chance of experiencing that perfect Koh Phangan weather of deep blue skies and calm seas.