Koh Phangan Hotel Map

A lot of people who come to stay on Koh Phangan for the first time get a bit paranoid about where to stay. It’s understandable as you don’t want to end up staying somewhere that doesn’t do this island justice.

That’s where our interactive Koh Phangan hotel map comes in very handy. You can click on different beaches on the map and be taken to a page with more information about it along with some ideas about where best to stay. This is a beautiful island and it can be quite difficult to pin down the place you want to stay when you’re here.

It can be a little overwhelming so here’s our guide to help you when choosing the part of the island you want to stay on. Once you’ve picked an area you can then go ahead and book a hotel on that beach.

Sunset Seekers

If you’re looking to find somewhere chilled out to stay so you can lay in a hammock and enjoy those signature Koh Phangan sunsets then you need to stay on the West of the island. Our recommendation is to find a hotel on the western beaches of Haad Yao or Haad Salad. These are classic sunset beaches and have a fantastic choice of hotels to suit all budgets.

Castaway Solitude

There’s no doubt about it.. if you’re looking for a more isolated location then you could do worse than find a hotel on the north-east of the island as this is the furthest away from the parties on the southern tip. The best beaches here are the beautiful cove that is Bottle Beach and the twin bay delight of Thong Nai Pan. These beaches are close enough to each other to get to easily so you can frequent them both while you are here.

Party Animals

This is a simple one. If you’re looking to be right in the middle of the party action then you should go for a hotel in Haad Rin, ideally on the beach. It’s pretty full on here though so you have been warned and you may not get a great deal of sleep while you’re here! If you’re looking to be close to the party at Haad Rin but would like to stay nearby then you could go for Ban Tai or Haad Yuan, two great nearby beaches that are far enough away to get some peace.

In Search Of Sunrise

Some of us prefer that amazing point in the day when the sun rises, especially when it’s coming out of the ocean and you happen to be on Koh Phangan at the time! Of course, you could stay on Haad Rin’s sunrise beach with a whole bunch of other people but why not head out to Haad Sadet and do it properly.. this beach is so laid back it’s unbelievable! What better place to be than swinging in your hammock on the bungalow deck as the sun comes up on another day in paradise.

Whichever type of person you are you’ll be sure to find the perfect hotel on Koh Phangan to suit your needs. Check out our Koh Phangan hotel map and narrow down your search..

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