Is the Panviman Resort Koh Phangan really that Special?

panviman resort koh phangan

The Panvimam Resort, Koh Phangan

So, you’ve heard about the ‘Panviman Resort Koh Phangan’ but aren’t sure if it’s worth the extra expense?! Buckle in for our tour and judge for yourself.

First things first, this place is definitely high-end as the pictures will confirm. In this budget range you’ll want an amazing location and views, gorgeous beach, luxurious accommodation, great pool and an outstanding restaurant.

It’s quite rare that a resort will be able to tick all these boxes so let’s look at each of these factors in detail to see if it passes the test or not.

In terms of location for a holiday resort, you’d be very hard pushed to find a better one than being perched on the hillside overlooking the twin bays of Thong Nai Pan in Koh Phangan. This is without a doubt one of the world’s finest ocean vistas and the resort itself is set amongst luscious green and rocky landscaped areas. It’s so ridiculously easy on the eye at the Panviman that you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve died and gone to heaven… [read reviews]

The Panviman Resort is situated on a gem of a beach which is a definite ‘ten out of ten’ strip of white sand. The beach itself is called Thong Nai Pan Noi and is the smaller of two adjoining bays on the north-eastern coast of Koh Phangan island. There’s a low key and funky little village set back behind the beach with a real laid back vibe so you’ll feel a world away from the grind of daily life while you’re here. Kick off your flip-flops and relax at one of Thailand’s finest beaches… [see more pics]

The quality of accommodation is one of the main things you’re paying for here. All of the rooms are finished to an extremely high standard and are both contemporary and stylish whilst also staying true to Thai authenticity. Whether you’re looking for a pool villa or ocean view you will find a great variety of sleeping options here. You should think about what’s most important to you during your stay and focus on staying in a room that truly meets your needs… [room booking deals]

It just keeps getting better, with a sublime pool that disappears in front of your very eyes as it merges seamlessly into the ocean. Could you imagine a better setting to hit the pool from and swim the odd length of an afternoon?! With your eyes down at the level of the water it feels pretty dreamy to imagine you’re way out in the turquoise sea, whiling away your days. Grab a drink at the poolside bar to keep cool whenever you fancy hitting your sun lounger again… [see more pics]

The ‘Pan Sea’ restaurant has a glorious ocean panorama and is decked out in a style that is becoming of its beautiful location. The menu at the restaurant covers a wide range of dining options, especially the Thai food which is mouthwatering delicious in taste and appearance. Dine in one of the most serene settings you’re ever likely to have the pleasure of eating in and then take a stroll along the beach to wash it all down. The perfect end to a perfect evening… [book a room]

It’s safe to say that the Panviman does indeed tick those all important boxes that are essential in a stay. But it doesn’t end there as the resort has a few more plus points that are deserving of a mention.

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a great bathroom don’t they?! And the resort delivers for us again with its opulent and lavishly finished personal areas. You’ll feel like pampered royalty here, such is the attention to detail that has been put into the bathrooms. Nothing makes you feel more at home than a luxury shower or bath to soak off the day’s activities in. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the quality of this all important factor at the Panviman… [see latest deals]

Being in a place like this often goes hand-in-hand with romance. Have a quiet word with the hotel staff and get yourself booked onto the terrace for your evening meal. A truly romantic place will await you where you can sip fine wine and tuck into lots of tasty Thai and international cuisine. Get your picture taken by the waiter as the day turns into night and you’ll create a visual memory to last a lifetime. A more romantic evening would be difficult to find… [find out more]

panviman resort koh phanganLandscaping
The grounds of the Panviman Resort have been creatively manicured to provide a tropical environment that is extremely alluring to all who pass by. Stairways have been set in inventive patterns of stone and woodwork and there is a lovely use of trees and shrubs to give the place a real sense of nature and tranquility. The walkways to each and every one of the rooms here will make you feel like you’re being led to the most amazing accommodation on the island… [see latest deals]

As you can see from the above, the Panviman Resort Koh Phangan is definitely worthy of its acclaim and as a result it attracts clients from all over the world. Check out some independent customer reviews to find out more about the resort.