Koh Phangan – Anyone for Pilates in Paradise?

koh phangan pilatesDo you fancy doing some Pilates in Koh Phangan?

Could you imagine a better setting than a beautiful beach or secluded cove on this amazing paradise island??

Pilates is a system used to condition the body in ways that help it achieve greater –

  • Muscular strength
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance (for abs, back, hips, arms and legs)

The main focus of this type of exercise is on pelvic and spinal alignment. The aim is to develop a strong core to the body whilst also looking to improve the body’s balance and how each part co-ordinates with one another.

Beginners may practice skills at a different level to advanced practitioners and the system allows for moderation and ranges in difficulty to allow progression over time. Once the body starts to get used to the ways of Pilates, a programme can be adjusted and ramped up to further benefit an individual’s development.

koh phangan pilatesPeaceout Pilates Phangan

If you’re interested in Pilates whilst on Koh Phangan, you can contact Peaceout Pilates Phangan for more information.

Prices start from 200B a hour. Private and group lessons are offered on all areas of the island, including Thong Nai Pan, Srithanu, Ban Tai and the main town of Thong Sala.