Shark Bay – Gorgeous Beach on Koh Tao’s Diving Paradise

shark bay koh tao

Shark Bay’s stunning outlook flickr/LaureWayaffe

How do you fancy breathing in that view for a while then hitting the white sandy beach for the rest of the day?! Stupid question I guess. Shark Bay in Koh Tao is one of those beaches that on the surface seems to have it all so let’s take a closer look.

shark bay overhead viewIn terms of orientation it’s on the southern coast of the island and is a southeast facing beach. This means that although you won’t be able to see the sun drop into the sea at sunset you will have it right in front of you for most of the day. Despite the sunset thing, Shark Bay (aka Thian Og Bay, Haad Tien, Rocky Bay) still manages to take the #1 spot due to the beauty of the bay and its surroundings. There are some other great beaches nearby but as the pictures show, this one’s really hard to beat!

It’s known as Shark Bay because of the presence of the small, black tip reef sharks that can be snorkeled with not too far out from the shore. The best time to see them is early morning or later on in the afternoon.

You get to this beach by heading south for about 3km from the main town of Mae Haad, where there is a paved road for most of the way. Access to the beach itself requires going through one of the resorts and although it’s free you are a little restricted in what you can do when there if you are not staying in one of the beach’s resorts. The simple solution is to choose this as your beach to stay on when in Koh Tao, then you can enjoy all it has to offer without having to worry about any of these things!

shark bay koh tao beach level

Equally as impressive at beach level flickr/hüseyinkici

Alternatively you could choose to snorkel out in the bay by hiring a longtail or joining a boat trip that stops there as when you take this approach you won’t then be at the mercy of the resorts.

Where to stay on Shark Bay (Koh Tao)

It’s a beautiful beach and there are some fantastic hotels to stay at so you can soak it up long into the evening and then again once the sun comes up each day.. bliss! There are resorts that open out onto the beach and some others built up into the rocky headlands which afford magnificent views. Either way, you’ll love it here!

Haadtien Beach Resort
This place has long been a favourite of travelers who seem to like pretty much everything about it (and what’s not to like)! Reviewers tend to comment on the dreamy location by the beach, the staff, the breakfast and the views as being the plus points of staying here. That and the villas themselves, which are finished to extremely high and exacting standards… [read reviews]

Jamahkiri Spa & Resort
Built into a rocky headland to the side of Shark Bay, Jamahkiri is a luxurious spa resort that boats a panoramic bar and restaurant along with some of the most stunning vistas you could hope for on the island. The rooms are beautifully decked out and the grounds are stylishly designed with a tiered swimming pool in which to laze as day turns into night… [read reviews]